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Blue skin or lips (cyanosis)

Blue pores and skin or lips want to be checked urgently in health facility. See a GP when you have blue palms or ft.

name 999 or visit A&E in case you or your child's:
lips, tongue, face or pores and skin suddenly flip blue/grey (or gums and round the eyes in darker skin)
respiratory turns into tough
chest hurts
these are signs and symptoms of a severe scientific hassle.

See a GP if you or your child's:
fingers, feet, arms or toes steadily turn blue
this may be the sign of a blood circulation problem.

causes of cyanosis
Blue lips, skin, tongue (central cyanosis)
Blue or blue/grey pores and skin at the face or over maximum of the frame is mostly a sign there may be no longer sufficient oxygen within the blood due to a problem with the:

lungs – like allergies or pneumonia
airway – choking, or croup
seizures (suits) that ultimate a long term
Blue hands, toes, limbs (peripheral cyanosis)
The limbs can even normally feel cold.

It happens when blood circulate is negative because of:

Raynaud's phenomenon – wherein the blood supply to the palms and toes will become quickly decreased
an artery problem that influences the blood deliver to the legs
beta-blockers, a remedy used to treat high blood strain
a blood clot that prevents the blood supply to or from a limb
from time to time it can also be because of:

being in cold air or waterBlushing is the involuntary reddening of the face, usually prompted by emotions which include embarrassment or strain.

different regions of the body – including the neck, ears and higher chest – also can be affected. in addition to causing redness, blushing can occasionally make the affected region sense warm.

What causes blushing?
"ordinary" blushing happens while a sturdy emotional cause stimulates the fearful system, ensuing inside the widening of the blood vessels in the face.

This will increase the go with the flow of blood into the blood vessels just underneath the pores and skin, causing your face to show pink.

bizarre (extreme or frequent) blushing could have each mental and physical reasons, inclusive of:

social tension disease (social phobia) – a continual and excessive worry of social situations
generalised tension disorder (GAD) – a protracted-time period circumstance that causes tension approximately a huge variety of situations and troubles
rosacea – a commonplace pores and skin circumstance that specifically influences the face
the menopause – where a lady stops having monthly periods, usually between 45 and 55 years of age
sure medications – which include the breast cancer remedy tamoxifen
Blushing can also be precipitated through ingesting alcohol or warm drinks, eating hot or spicy food, strenuous workout and surprising adjustments in temperature.

read extra about the causes of blushing.

when to searching for clinical recommendation
the general public blush every so often, and it is not generally a motive for challenge. however common and excessive blushing can have a tremendous mental impact, leading humans to avoid certain conditions and interacting with different humans.

You need to bear in mind speakme for your GP in case you blush often and it is affecting your first-rate of life.

to be had treatments
If bizarre blushing is affecting your first-rate of life, you may benefit from remedy. The particular treatment offered will rely upon the underlying motive of your blushing.

If the underlying purpose is idea to be psychological, together with an irrational worry (phobia) or tension sickness, a talking remedy known as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can frequently be powerful.

medicinal drugs consisting of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can also help relieve any related feelings of anxiety and worry.

If the underlying motive is bodily, which includes the menopause or rosacea, you'll be cautioned to avoid not unusual triggers including strain, alcohol and spicy ingredients. Hormone substitute therapy (HRT) can also help ladies with menopausal warm flushes.

A surgical treatment known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) can be considered in case your blushing is in particular extreme and different treatments haven't been powerful. but this kind of surgical procedure includes a chance of long-term issues along with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).
being at excessive altitude
remedy for cyanosis
Cyanosis is a symptom of many one-of-a-kind conditions.

remedy depends at the purpose.

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