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Blood tests have a wide range of uses

one of the most not unusual kinds of scientific check.

for instance, a blood take a look at may be used to:

examine your popular state of fitness
take a look at when you have an infection
see how nicely certain organs, inclusive of the liver and kidneys, are operating
display for positive genetic situations
most blood tests simplest take a few minutes to complete and are carried out at your GP surgery or nearby health center by way of a health practitioner, nurse or phlebotomist (a consultant in taking blood samples).

read approximately some not unusual styles of blood take a look at.

For more facts approximately a wider range of assessments, search the blood check A-Z index on Lab exams on-line uk.

making ready for a blood check
The healthcare professional who arranges your blood test will inform you whether there are any unique commands you want to comply with earlier than your test.

as an instance, depending on the type of blood take a look at, you will be asked to:

keep away from eating or consuming some thing, apart from water (fasting) for up to 12 hours – see can i eat and drink before having a blood test?
stop taking a certain medication – see am i able to take medicine earlier than having a blood test?
it's vital to observe the commands you are given, as it could affect the result of the check and mean it needs to be behind schedule or completed once more.

What occurs at some stage in a blood test?
A blood take a look at generally includes taking a blood pattern from a blood vessel on your arm.

The arm is a convenient part of the body to use due to the fact it could be without problems uncovered. the same old area for a sample to be taken from is the interior of the elbow or wrist, in which the veins are relatively near the floor.

Blood samples from kids are frequently taken from the again of the hand. Their skin can be numbed with a unique spray or cream before the pattern is taken.

a tight band (tourniquet) is commonly placed around your upper arm. This squeezes the arm, quickly slowing down the waft of blood and inflicting the vein to swell. This makes it less difficult for a sample to be taken.

earlier than taking the sample, the medical doctor or nurse may additionally clean the place of pores and skin with an antiseptic wipe.

A needle connected to a syringe or special container is inserted into the vein. The syringe is used to draw out a pattern of your blood. you could feel a slight pricking or scratching sensation as the needle goes in, however it shouldn't be painful. in case you don't like needles and blood, inform the person who is taking the pattern so that you can make you greater comfortable.

when the pattern has been taken, the needle could be removed. strain is implemented to the pores and skin for a few minutes the usage of a cotton-wool pad. A plaster may be put on the small wound to maintain it clean.

After the check
best a small quantity of blood is taken for the duration of the test so you should not experience any sizeable after-consequences.

but, some humans feel dizzy and faint all through and after the test. If this has passed off to you inside the past, tell the person wearing out the test so that they’re aware and let you sense extra comfy.

After the take a look at, you can have a small bruise wherein the needle went in. Bruises may be painful, however are typically innocent and fade over the following few days.

Blood test effects
After the blood sample has been taken, it'll be put into a bottle and labelled with your name and information. it'll then be sent to a laboratory in which it'll be examined beneath a microscope or examined with chemical compounds, depending on what's being checked.

The outcomes are sent lower back to the health center or on your GP. a few check outcomes may be ready the equal day or a few days later, even though others won't be available for a few weeks. you will be told when your outcomes could be ready and the way you will be given them.

every so often, receiving outcomes can be traumatic and provoking. if you're worried approximately the outcome of a check, you may pick to take a depended on pal or relative with you. For some tests, which include HIV, you may be supplied expert counselling to help you deal with your outcomes.

A blood transfusion is whilst you're given blood from someone else (a donor). it's a completely safe method that can be life-saving.

Why it's performed
some of the primary reasons for wanting a blood transfusion are:

anaemia (loss of pink blood cells) –

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